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Result part 2…..

-Respondent 5.0-

Last but not least. The other domain for the five big domain is neurotics personality. Neurotics is a kind of personality which only thinks about something negative. From the respondent 5.0 ten postings, we can see that how respondent is being negative in every single things that happen upon the subject. Not only that, we can even feel the anger and the down feeling in the posts. From this post, I can assume that she is feeling down with something. We can see that when she states that “Saya bukan awak”. She even compares herself with someone else. Seems like my assumptions about the respondent almost correct. This is because in the questionnaire given, respondent pick mostly no. 5 answers and only chose no.3 and 1 answer in two respective question.

-Respondent 5.0’s friend-

at first I’m quite confident that respondent 5.0’s friend answer is totally describe respondent 5.0 as a neurotics. But somehow. it went wrong. In the questionnaire given, respondent 5.0’s friend answer mostly no. 4 answers which describe respondent 5.0 as an agreeable person. Not only that, respondent 5.0’s friend also choose no.1 for three questions. It totally mismatched my assumptions.

Based from the questionnaire given to the respondent, I assume that when respondent 5.0 answering the questionnaire, respondent is under depression.

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Result part 2……

-Respondent 4.0-

To briefly recap, the individuals who are considered to be in the category of Agreeableness are normally warm, approachable, friendly, and tactful. They generally have an optimistic view of human nature and get along well with others. For respondent 4.0, it is my conviction that this person has a high tendency to be categorize in agreeableness personality. However, as academic etiquette is concerned, a mere assumption based on our plain views are not fully robust. I have handed the questionnaire to the respondent. Respondent 4.0 answer mostly no. 4 as the answers and only pick no. 1 and 2 as the answers respectively. This totally prove my assumptions to the respondent.

-Respondent 4.0’s friend-

As for respondent 4.0’s friend, in the questionnaire given, the tabulation for the answering states that, respondent 4.0’s friend choose mostly answer no. 4 in the questionnaire and only choose no.1 and 2 choices in two questions. not only that, respondent’s friend also agree with me that respondent 4.0 is an agreeable person (agreeableness).

Based from the results, we can see that respondent 4.0 is an agreeable person. My assumptions is correct and also being supported by respondent’s friend answer in the questionnaire.


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Result part 2…..

-Respondent 3.0-

At first glance, when I pick respondent 3 as my subject, I’am afraid that respondent did not match my assumptions. It seem s like what I’m afraid of already turn into reality. Based on the posting only, I deduce that respondent 3.0 has an extrovert personality. I assume that she is a friendly person. She even shares her private life on facebook. When her friend read it, they will surely motivate her to be strong and never give up. But somehow, after I give respondent the questionnaire, the answer totally change my whole view on the subject. Respondent 3.0 mostly answers choices no. 2 instead no.3 which suits subject personality well. Respondent 3.0 even pick no. 5 for some questions in the questionnaire. My assumptions on the respondent is totally wrong.

-Respondent 3.0’s friend-

Friend of the subject is interested on my small scale research. After i give respondent 3.0’s friend the questionnaire what surprise me is respondent’s friend answer is totally match up my assumptions on the respondent. Respondent 3.0’s friend choose mostly answer no. 3 which describe respondent 3.0 is sociable and easily going.

 Even respondent 3.0 answer did not tally with my assumptions, it seems like respondent 3.0’s friend totally agree with me.

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Result part 2……

-Respondent 2.0-

As for respondent 2.0. Respondent is quite an interesting subject. From what I can see about her. she is an organizing person. Instead of that, respondent also has strong wills. After taken ten postings from her, I keep on observing her like a stalker for a while. Besides, I assume that respondent is an organized person. This is because we can see that from her one of the posting which she has been planning for something for the coming particular Friday. We can see that when she states “penantian selama seminggu yg amat mengusik kalbu”.She even prays that everything will goes according to her plan. Instead of that, from the questionnaire given to respondent, respondent 2.0 answers are mostly no. 2 choices and only some of it respondent 2.0 chose no. 4 as the answer. This totally shows that I’m putting respondent 2.0 in the correct personality.

-Respondent 2.0’s friend-

It often happens where our assumptions getting contradicted with what the respondent or respondent’s friend answer. Amazingly for respondent 2.0’s friend case, respondent’s friend totally agree with me. Besides, Most of the answers from the questionnaire given, the answers are mostly the same like respondent 2.0 answer which is respondent 2.0’s friend also pick mostly on the second answers regarding respondent 2.0 personality and only for some questions respondent’s friend choose no. 4 as the answers.

From this, I can conclude that, respondent 2.0 totally match my assumption which is respondent 2.0 has conscientiousness personality which stands for an organize,responsible,and work based on what had planned.

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Result part 2….

-Respondent 1.0-

Before giving out the questionnaire for respondent 1.0, I assume that respondent 1.0 is the type for openness to the experience. This is because from respondent’s posting we can see that how respondent try to attract others to discuss certain issues with. I assume that respondent is an open-minded person. This shows when respondent alert to what happen in his surrounding and use it as a topic for him to discuss  with their friends. Curiosity that the respondent has leads him to various kind of opinions from his facebook friends.

As for the results from the questionnaire, respondent 1.0 answers totally match with my assumptions which are respondent 1 answer chooses mostly the first answer. From all of the above, what respondent 1 is an openness to experience type of person.

-Respondent 1.0’s friend-

Based from the respondent 1.0’s friend, there are slightly difference in answering the questionnaire. respondent’s friend pick mostly answer no. 2 and no. 4 throughout the questionnaire. and only choose answer no. 1 as the answers. This shows how an openness people can easily be categorize with conscientiousness and agreeableness type.

Basically, the respondent’s answer match my assumption, but somehow his friends did not agree with me and totally made different answer like how it should be.

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Result from the questionnaire…

based from the questionnaire that I have posted in the earlier entry, The categories will be determined as followed:


mostly first answer: openness to experience.

mostly second answer: conscientiousness

mostly third answer: extroversion.

mostly fourth answer: agreeableness

mostly fifth answer: neuroticism.